Why Your Website Needs SSL Security before July 2018

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Why Your Website Needs SSL Security Before July 2018

Why Your Website Needs SSL Security before July 2018

Although Google has continued to push webmasters to make their website “HTTPS Secure”, websites considered “not secure” have been given a fair chance to compete – until now. But, effective July 2018, Google will be taking security to another level – all “HTTP” websites will be flagged as “not secure”. This change means that Google Chrome Browser Version 68 visitors using domains that are not HTTPS secure will receive an explicit warning from Google.

Why does your Website need SSL?

60 percent of the browser market is dominated by Google Chrome users. As such, there could be the obliteration of traffic numbers for websites with unsecured domains. The time to act is now. If you have been turning the HTTPS switch off before now, you need to consider this decision a lot more carefully, so you can be protected from any losses unsecured websites may face over time. Following the Chrome version 68 update, a text and bright red triangle in the URL may be used to warn users of an unsecured domain.

Importance of SSL Security

Data security is just one out of the many benefits of having a website that is HTTPS secure. Some of its benefits include:

  • Visitors would no longer be welcomed with a warning in the URL box.
  • Better SEO ranking by Google
  • Stronger protection of sensitive information as they are passed to and from your website, massively minimizing the risk of data theft.
  • Users have more confidence in the security of their data, leading to increased traffic, higher conversion rates, and revenue boost for your business.
  • Your website can key into the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) potential – an important feature for mobile users to experience quick loading time. When your website loads almost immediately a user visits, you can rest assured of high ranking, and indeed more conversions.

SSL security is not only an ethical choice for the data security of your visitors, but it gives your website an opportunity to key into critical updates that will improve its performance in the long run.

What Do You Need to Do?

In truth, your website should already be secured with an SSL certificate by now, but you can still take advantage of this opportunity now so your website visibility is not damaged forever with the upcoming update.

Getting an SSL certificate has never been easier especially in today’s digital world. It is even becoming less complicated and even more cost-effective than it used to be as HTTPS websites are now more common. All you need to do is chat with the host team of your website and they will do what is needed so you can get the certificate, or you can purchase one from a different host provider and have it installed by your current host team. Since getting an SSL certificate that is specific for your website needs may prove daunting especially for owners of non-technical websites, chatting with your hosting company would be a great idea. There are different types of SSL certificate – you would want to pick one that is just perfect for your needs.

This is no time for second thoughts, July is coming quickly. In penalizing non-secure websites, Google’s objective here is simple – to protect users and businesses from the increasing rate of cybercrime today. No one wants to have their personal data in the hands of snoopers – and indeed, no one should. Having an SSL certificate is a major step towards ensuring data protection of your website – and instilling confidence in the mind of every visitor.

If you are worried about the impending error messages, securing your website, SEO rankings, or other issues with your website related to security or SSL, please get hold of one of our knowledgeable Sr. Digital Marketing Consultants, here at Mixed Media Ventures.  We can be reached at 888.980.8170 or [email protected].

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