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Create Awareness

Intent-driven moments are shaping customer journey. When these moments happen, your need to be right where customers can find you. Pay Per Click helps you get as much exposure as possible during these micro-moments, which drives awareness to your customers.


Creating text ads, graphics ads, and landing pages drive high consideration for the services you offer. Optimizing the right ads with the appropriate landing pages provides customers with a clear message about your business and prompts them into making purchasing decisions.


Effective ad messaging can increase leads that convert into sales. Pay Per Click management combines quick turnaround time and cost-effectiveness to provide your business with measurable, instant results.

Professionally Managed Campaigns

Every PPC campaign is handled by certified and seasoned AdWords specialists, so that you are working with experienced team members that understand your needs.

Remarketing Campaigns

Sometimes the potential customer doesn’t take action the first time. We’ll build remarketing campaigns to ensure you’re putting your product or service back in front of them to remind them to come back and learn more or purchase your product and service.

Measurable ROI

Your PPC Campain(s) are tested, monitored, and optimized for the most traffic. The Campaign includes Google Adwords setup, we work with you on keyword research, and more.

Mixed Media Ventures a Business Growth Digital Marketing Agency - PPC Dashboard

We Make Your Life Easier with Our Custom Dashboard for You

Mixed Media Ventures helps you manage your Paid Search campaigns, and you have access to the performance of your campaign in real time 24 x 7.

Clean Information

Your data is well organized and you will be able to review and digest it quickly and efficiently.  Use your dashboard to show off campaign progress.

Performance reports (monthly or bi-monthly)

You’ll always be well informed. Monthly meetings too frequent to have with us.  Only want quarterly meetings? No problem. We’ll schedule monthly or bi-monthly reports to be delivered to you.

Here’s How Mixed Media Ventures Launches Your PPC Campaign

We’re ridiculously detail oriented when launching your PPC campaigns. Here are the steps we’ll take to launch a successful campaign for you.
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Step 1

Keyword Research & Analysis

We work with you on keyword research, ad groups, & your competition to find opportunities and make the most of your ad budget.

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Step 2

Build The PPC Campaign

We build custom campaigns targeted to your business based on the data gathered during Step One, the research and analysis.

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Step 3

Launch The Ads

After launching the hyper targeted ads, it’s time to track conversions, analyze traffic, and present reports. We can provide this to you in your dashboard.

Mixed Media Ventures a Business Growth Digital Marketing Agency - ppc 4

Step 4

Traffic & Click Through

A well-managed PPC campaign results in clicks to the right pages with constant bid optimization. Our expert team and PPC Services deliver this.

Mixed Media Ventures a Business Growth Digital Marketing Agency - PPC for fast results

How Do You Know It’s Time for a Paid Advertising Campaign on Google, Bing, and/or Social Media?

Paid Advertising can be a part of your early stage drive to establish instant visibility with your prospects and clients. So how do you know when it’s time for a Paid Advertising and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) / PPC strategy?

When You Need Sales Leads Fast…

If you have already started an SEO strategy, or you have plans to start one which can take time to get results, but need to be in the top results now to start generating new business…  Search Engine Marketing and PPC can get you there fast and efficiently.

Deep Targeting is Possible and Mixed Media Ventures can Help

Our Paid Advertising strategies not only utilize the search engines, but also utilizes social media & programmatic platforms which allows you to target a range of demographics and preferences to be even more precise.

You Know There’s More Business Out There Than Your SEO Campaign is Delivering.

If you have an SEO strategy, and you are showing some result for your efforts, and you think there are still other prospects out there that you are missing, PPC might be the right route for you.

Mixed Media Ventures | Digital Marketing Services

The Prospect Generally Has to See Your Ad More Than Once, We Make That Happen.

“Did you know that most leads need multiple interactions before making a purchase? Re-marketing (or retargeting as it is sometimes called) is your golden ticket to re-engage and remind them of your offerings. With Mixed Media Ventures, we craft impeccable re-marketing strategies, ensuring your brand stays top-of-mind. Let us turn those prospects into loyal customers, driving them straight to your inbox, doorstep, and phone line. Choose success; choose Mixed Media Ventures!

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Mixed Media Ventures | Digital Marketing Services
Certified Google Adwords Team | Mixed Media Ventures

Certified Google Adwords Team.

Dive into the digital realm with Mixed Media Ventures, where our certified AdWords specialists, recognized by giants like Google and Facebook, bring years of expertise in PPC and Search Engine Marketing. We simplify your journey from inception to lead generation, ensuring you focus on your core business while we amplify your online presence.

Our expertise encompasses:

  • Search Ads: Elevate your brand to the top of Google’s search results by targeting both your and competitive keywords.
  • Mobile Ads: In today’s mobile-centric world, we ensure your ads reach your audience’s phones or tablets precisely when they seek your offerings.
  • Display Ads: From YouTube to Gmail and Blogger, we position your ads right where they matter most on Google’s vast network.
  • Video Ads: Capture attention with compelling short videos. In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, a 45-90 second video can make a lasting impact.

Choose Mixed Media Ventures and redefine your digital success!”

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