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Cost-Effective, Contract Based, Executive Marketing Leadership

Mixed Media Ventures CMO service is a cost-effective solution for adding executive leadership to your business or marketing team. If you don’t have the high-level ideation, expertise, or guidance from an experienced chief marketing officer or vice president of marketing, it can be difficult to create successful strategies within your company due to a lack of knowledge on what works best with different types of businesses and industries.

Mixed Media Ventures provides small and midmarket businesses with the Fractional CMO services they need in order to stay competitive while still achieving their financial goals through effective targeting techniques that are tailored specifically toward their customers and clients for them.

Our Three Areas of Focus for Your Company

Marketing Strategy | Fractional CMO Services | Mixed Media Ventures

Marketing Strategy

With a team that includes professional marketers, designers and strategists our goal is to help you succeed in your sales and marketing efforts. Whether it’s an initial strategy session or one-on-one guidance we have your back!

We offer strategic solutions for businesses at all stages in their lifecycle – from marketing concept through execution with expertise spanning legacy marketing and advertising models, marketing research methods like surveys & interviews; branding efforts such as website development, and much more. Our fractional CMO service helps save time by providing high-level ideation without committing full-time resources whether short or long term for your organization.

Creative Strategy

Via your Fractional CMO, our marketing experts will help identify the compelling creative campaigns that best suit your needs. Our Fractional CMO works carefully to ensure all deliverables & standards are met to accomplish your company’s objectives in a timely manner while staying up-to-date on ever-changing consumer preferences.

These days, it seems like everyone is looking for ways how they can grow their business with minimal cost or risk but this takes more than just good ideas; it’s also important not to neglect details like execution! Our team has years of experience working closely alongside designers, developers, and marketers who understand both aesthetic expectations as well, which means when we get started creating, something fantastic happens.

Marketing Planning and Execution | Fractional CMO | Mixed Media Ventures

Marketing Planning and Execution

Consider Mixed Media Ventures team of experts for all your marketing needs! We have a robust team and can handle everything from traditional advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), lead generation – and even social media management

Let us help you take advantage of our expertise today with an affordable package that fits your strategy perfectly.

The best way to get started? Contact us today, to have a preliminary discussion, prior to a deeper consultation to see if our Fractional CMO solution is the right fit based on what works well within your own organization’s current infrastructure.

Fractional CMO Services for Your Business

Hiring a full-time CMO for many businesses is a luxury.  For many small business owners as well as mid-market organizations, the cost of a full-time CMO is often out of reach.  The issue becomes one of compromise.  Why should you have to compromise expertise and experience for a budget price point, by hiring someone only to find out they may be the wrong person for the job.  Rather than hiring a full-time marketing manager, our outsourced Fractional CMO offering can take charge, and either help lead your marketing team or lead ours in helping you achieve your goals.  They’ll help you focus on the most urgent tasks whether terrestrial radio advertising, podcast advertising, fully integrated marketing campaigns, social media marketing, content creation & writing, and much more. Let our/your Fractional CMO communicate your goals effectively to your and our team(s), and watch the execution create the end result you are looking for.  

Mixed Media Ventures Fractional CMO Services can help with:

  • Qualify, understand, and translate your needs and requirements into marketing strategy, tactics, and execute for results.
  • Review with you all marketing efforts, creative, workflows, etc for approval so that it meets your needs and requirements.
  • Can review attribution, statistics, and other data to translate that into english so you may make better business decisions via reporting back to you with critical feedback.
  • Help ensure your team has the direction, roadmap, and next steps to achieve their goals upon contract expiration.
  • Help maintain strategy on a go forward basis in the event you must pivot due to market conditions and changes.

Mixed Media Ventures is revolutionizing the way companies connect with their customers and clientele by providing expert guidance to help them save invaluable revenue in terms of salary and benefits they would otherwise spend on a full-time CMO staff. By relying upon our experience, and expertise, clients can allocate more budget towards implementing marketing strategies and their tactics which rely on that revenue for success but through the Fractional CMO alternative approach – saving both time & money! This allows for a faster, stronger return on your investment.  Learn how you too could take advantage today by booking a brief initial consultation with us now.

Why Choose Mixed Media Ventures for Your Fractional CMO Services

Mixed Media Ventures Fractional CMO service is the perfect solution for any business looking to save long-term revenue and still receive high-level marketing experiences. With our decades of combined expertise, you’ll be able to increase your revenue by utilizing all that we have on hand while only paying when it’s needed!


Fractional CMO services are a win-win for clients and aMixed Media Ventures. The relationship will result in saved expense, increased efficiency, better customer service – all while increasing ROI through cost savings!


Utilizing an experienced Fractional CMO, knowing you will always have the opportunity to succeed in your marketing efforts is invaluable.


Knowing the marketing strategy put in place is one that fits your company goals, culture, and is tailored to your prospective and existing client avatars ensuring success.


Know you have made a responsible decision by utilizing decades of marketing experience without the full time expense on your business.

We’re not just your average marketing experts. Our Fractional CMO services provide a deliberate winning strategy for your business. We take our job seriously and will do anything it takes to make sure you succeed! Contact us today for a free initial consultation on how we can give your marketing concerns the attention it deserves, and put a winning strategy in place for you to grow your business now.

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