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Your Business Needs a Social Media Strategy to Build & Maintain Your Brand Online.

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Boost Your Businesses Awareness with a strategically Planned, Thoughtful, and Data Driven Social Media Campaign with High Creativity.

A Proven Social Media Methodology & Strategies
Mixed Media Ventures runs campaigns that are backed by proprietary audience data & proven ad-targeting solutions

Professionally Managed
Our campaign management team are certified social media professionals using industry-best practices & data science.

Precise Targeting & Retargeting
We can deliver engaging and creative ad campaigns to the most receptive & engaged audiences

Mixed Media Ventures Targets the Audience  Looking for Your Products and Services!

How Do We Do This?
  • Mixed Media Ventures leverages the detailed information Facebook knows about each user for campaigns. We target  a very specific audiences and broad audiences depending on your intended market with a high interest for the products or services you offer.
  • Depending on your goals, social media marketing / advertising can be targeted to very specific vertical markets or wider audiences. In both cases the marketing and advertising  reaches the right target audence.
We Provide High Quality Posts and Fresh Clean Content that Help You Nurture and Grow Fans, Prospects, and Customers!

Social Media Posting
Working as a team we learn about your marketing, build a social media marketing plan & post news, promotions, and additional relevant content utilizing both cutting edge social media tools, as well as hand crafted messages. Your brand will become more familiar to their audience and gain more relevance to them.

We Grow Your Digital Footprint Vertically and Horizontally
Our efforts on your behalf encourages brand mentions and interaction for with and by your prospects and clients. When businesses interact with fans on social media, everyone connected to both can see the communications building positive relationships that can be nurtured.

Larger Business Network to Communicate With
A socially active business grows larger networks and have more opportunity, just like offline networking opportunities. Our social media marketing solutions helps you grow to be the leader in your space and market.

Let Mixed Media Ventures Help You With Your Story

Your brand has it’s own story to tell, and our professionally managed social media marketing campaigns tell your story in a clear and concise way, followed by the data and analytics that will allow you to make stronger decisions. We’ll use the data and reporting to uncover your customer and potential customer market behavior and additional sales opportunities for your sales team.

Our team helps you to determine what posts and interactions work with your prospects and customers.  We help you understand what the audience thinks of your products and services, and where your sales leads are coming from. We continually improve our efforts through monitoring the performance of the social media marketing campaigns, helping you to build better relationships with your audience.

A Complete Social Media Marketing Solution from Start to Finish!

Mixed Media Ventures Social Media Marketing program is a highly collaborative effort that helps to ensure you are satisfied with our work and we can get you the results you are looking for.

  • We build custom content based on the monthly promotions, discussions, and roadmap you may have.  We’ll send you an email every month so we’re up-to-date.
  • You can expect a monthly Facebook performance report, a content report, an audience report, and a local reach report.  This sits alongside calls and/or meetings we may schedule with you to discuss monthly results.

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