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93% of online experiences start with a search engine, whether Google, Yahoo, Bing, or  Yes,  55% of all product searches online start with, so they can be considered a search engine that you must optimize for if you are selling products online and on

Google continues to dominate search with “about” 64% of all searches, and you need to think about all formats of search engine optimization, not just desktop and laptop searches.  Search Engine Journal has reported, mobile-based “near me or around me” searches are up 146% year over year, search on mobile for luxury items is up over 50% from the previous year, 74% of travel hotel check-ins are made for same-day check-in via mobile, and much more. You’re SEO must cross platforms, and our team uses industry best practices and the newest strategies to boost your rankings whether on desktop or mobile.  We help deliver the results for you online you are looking for.  Contact us today to speak to a representative about how Mixed Media Ventures SEO Solutions can benefit your business.


SEO is much more than working to generate traffic to your website.  Generating traffic is about generating the most targeted traffic that is relevant to your market.  It all begins with the keyword research about your business, products, services, competitors, and much more.  Upon compiling this data, we Mixed Media Ventures can narrow down which keywords will perform best for your goals.  Of course there is still an element of A/B, Split Testing, and test and learn, but with deep upfront research of the keywords, and your in depth knowledge of your market, we can hone the SEO campaign and streamline it so it brings you the most valuable results.

Competitive Keyword Analysis

Every SEO campaign, every business, and every competitor is different. Mixed Media Ventures will work with you to provide a competitive analysis of our competitors, the keywords, their websites based on a proprietary set of criteria. We’ll get an understanding of their business, how they threaten yours online, and develop a strategy where we can employ a set of tactics that allow us to market and potentially remarket to the same or similar audiences, and capture them for you as prospects and/or customers for your business…

Link Building Strategies

Link building is both an essential and time consuming strategy that will help provide your website with the authority it requires with the keywords appropriate for your business. We’ll gain insight with an audit and reporting of the existing page(s) authority and where they currently rank, and put an appropriate plan in place to push them forward for higher ranking in the search engines.

On Page SEO Audit

As part of choosing keywords is both Mixed Media Ventures can provide an On-Site SEO Audit to assess how your performance is going thus far against any existing keywords and/or new keywords and content we may be working with you on for improved performance. In the case of deep page audits we’ll analyze not just the contextual content, but also the imagery, videos, page code, scripting, version of CMS, and more, so that we may identify issues of page speed, UI/UX issues, and more which are related to search engine ranking for you.

Content Marketing

Creating and marketing valuable free content so that you can attract new suspects, turn suspects into prospects and turn customers & clients into repeat customers & clients is a core strategy to grow your online presence and business. Mixed Media Ventures utilizes blogging, podcasting, video (YouTube Vimeo, etc), social media sites, Lead Magnets, and more, as a vehicle to grow your audience, Email List, and generate interest in your business.

Optimizing your Conversion Rates

Not every campaign can send the optimal traffic to the landing page(s) and get them to convert at the rate you would like, whether offering a Lead Magnet, convert to a sale, opt in to a newsletter or blog update, etc.  Getting optimal conversion is about understanding your audience, where they are online, what they want, and when they want it.  Otherwise, you may get low or no conversion.  We help you to understand your audience better and go from traffic to conversion.

Data is Gold

Utilizing analytics we can help gather masses of data, help analyze, interpret, and present it in order to help you make better decisions about your products, services, offerings, direction, strategy, and tactics in growing your business..

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