Why Your Business Needs a Mobile First Approach Right Now

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Mobile First Approach | Mixed Media Ventures

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile First Approach Right Now

The number of internet-enabled mobile devices in the world today is incredible. Even more intriguing is how much people make use of these mobile devices. Today, even before our eyes open up fully to see daylight, we first reach out to our mobile devices. These devices have become so important in our lives and we can hardly do without them. This should send a clear message to modern businesses across all industries and niches – adopt a mobile-first approach moving forward.

If the above proof is not enough motivation, research has shown that majority of the online traffic today originate from mobile devices rather than computers. This is why mobile applications, as well as the growing Progressive Web Applications, are becoming more popular than ever.  Organizations such as Starbucks have adopted a mobile-first approach, and use a Progressive Web Application to achieve their mobile goals.  Additionally, Cisco has estimated that the number of internet-enabled devices will exceed the 34-billion mark this year and soar up to 50 billion by 2020. Now more than ever, it is absolutely important for your business to target the mobile user. Failure to do this will leave your brand at the risk of losing potential customers in no time.  Currently, and according to

In times past, brands built and launched their websites with desktop versions, then change it to a mobile version if need be. Adopting a mobile-first approach means the exact opposite – your website must be designed for mobile first before a desktop version is launched. Businesses no longer have the luxury to be complacent, switching to mobile designs at their will. Here are the top reasons why a mobile-first approach is needed for any business moving forward.


It is the goal of every business to make a profit. Profit would be difficult to achieve if your customers are not satisfied. Hence, it is important to be in touch with potential and loyal customers alike – relating to them on the go. This would improve customer engagement and strengthen their belief in your brand. If your brand’s website is only assessable on a desktop, you may be losing out already. Since customers now prefer a more personal approach in their engagements, a mobile-first approach is essential for small, mid, and large businesses. It ensures fast and smooth delivery, keeping you ahead of the chasing pack.

Customer Experience

Majority of mobile device users will move on to a competitor’s website if yours is not mobile friendly. The average customer today prefers to get things done at the click of a button and with many options available, patience is not so much of a virtue. A mobile first approach would demand that when designing a mobile-friendly website, you must take note of what should and should not be included in the mobile version of the website.

The loading time must be minimal as against that of a desktop and the navigation options must be minimized in order to accommodate the smaller screen. The goal is to ensure the screen is not cluttered so the user experience is enhanced. In the case of a mobile-first approach, you must understand the preferences of your customers, value their feedbacks, and always leave room for improvement to ensure user-friendly experience.

We Simply Do Not Put Our Mobile Devices Down

From surfing the net and checking the newest emails to targeting a new high score in some game and unlocking our mobile device for no reason, reports have shown that smartphone users perform some form of activity 150 times and above daily. Using mobile devices has now become more of a habit – some have built their behaviors around it.

This is indeed good news for business savvy brands. A mobile first approach should be at the forefront of the marketing strategy and decision making of any business. The trends are rapid;y changing – the digital space is now becoming even more friendly for businesses willing to take advantage. It is now easier to reach target audiences, engage with them, and provide a service on the go. Yes, your audiences are lurking around somewhere online. A mobile first strategy will help you find them.

In order to ensure no stone is left unturned, brands all over the world now recognize the importance of adopting a mobile-first approach to improve customer experience. For these brands, there is hardly competition. Yes, if you have not adopted a mobile-first approach in your business, this is the right time. You are losing already, but you can still come out tops if you take appropriate steps to key into the digital presence of today’s high-end consumer.

Here are 81 Mobile Statistics that should motivate you to look to a mobile-first approach.  The data is compelling, as well as relevant no matter what business you are in, local, regional, national, or global.

To learn more about how Mixed Media Ventures can help you take a mobile first approach, and to understand how the future of this will couple itself with voice search and how it will impact your business (which we will cover in a future post), contact one of our professional Digital Marketing Consultants today.  Reach us at 888.980.8170, [email protected], or use the form below.

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