Why You Should Be Using YouTube to Grow Your Businesses Brand and Attract Customers

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Why You Should Be Using YouTube to Grow Your Businesses Brand and Attract Customers

I’m sure you’re all well aware that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world today, and that YouTube has more than 1 billion monthly active users. That’s only slightly less than Facebook! With so many videos being consumed every month on YouTube it makes sense for your business to get involved with video marketing, uploading videos relevant to your industry or business about products and services.

But YouTube isn’t just for fun; YouTube has become one of the most effective ways to get noticed when it comes to building a brand or when looking to attract new customers.

How YouTube Can Attract Customers Today

YouTube is where people go in order to learn about almost anything they want; whether it’s how to make spaghetti sauce, learn about the origins of Halloween, or even how to play the guitar. YouTube caters to such a wide variety of interests and YouTube is quite literally always on (since YouTube is mobile-friendly as well). People start their day by checking YouTube for one thing; then end the day with another YouTube related video check.

And because YouTube videos can be watched at virtually any time, YouTube has become the go-to place for people who want to learn more about products and services their businesses provide. For example: If someone’s interested in the latest home appliances, they’ll look up those appliances on YouTube to see what type of reviews other customers have left for those types of products. This means your potential customers are combing YouTube for information about your products and services. Your business needs to be a part of that YouTube crowd in order to catch the attention of YouTube users who are looking for more information about your industry or business.

How YouTube Can Help Build a Brand Today

YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms YouTube has given businesses an opportunity to build a community around their brand, engage with customers, and provide them with helpful content. When done correctly, YouTube can actually help improve loyalty from current customers because you’ll have improved after-sale customer service since customers will know they have somewhere to turn if they have questions or concerns about your product or service. YouTube videos can even create a brand; since YouTube allows businesses to advertise their products and services in new and memorable ways that put a more personal touch on your brand.

YouTube can help or improve:

  • building public trust
  • increasing customer retention rates
  • providing new and interesting content for potential customers
  • creating brand awareness; YouTube provides an opportunity for businesses to add personality to their business

How to Create YouTube Videos That Builds Your Brand Using YouTube Shorts

Here’s a video on making YouTube Shorts using the YouTube App: https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=QTEwOrdiU90

YouTube shorts like YouTube videos where you get straight to the point by explaining what your business is about, product offerings, benefits, etc. make it easy for YouTube users who are looking for a quick solution or a way they can learn more about interests them.

Who Uses YouTube?

YouTube is used by people of all ages around the world, YouTube has become one of the most popular video-sharing sites on the internet. That’s why YouTube is a good place for businesses to share information about new products and services with potential customers. With YouTube being so popular, don’t miss out on an opportunity to connect with your target audience!

What kind of Videos Should You Create On YouTube To Attract Customers?

The best types of videos you can create are entertaining AND informative. This means that not only should you upload informational videos about topics related to your business or industry, but you should also upload YouTube videos that are amusing or engaging in order to get more views on YouTube. When making YouTube videos, YouTube videos (or YouTube shorts) are an excellent way to make it easy for YouTube users to find information about your business. Since YouTube is used around the world, YouTube provides a unique opportunity to share valuable content with people all around the world; thus building brand recognition and trust at the same time!

If you’re looking for ways to grow your YouTube channel, here are some useful tips:

  • Think of YouTube as more than just uploading random videos. You should be considering how these videos will impact your overall marketing plan and whether or not they’ll help you reach your target audience. For example, if you want people in France to watch your video about an upcoming sale on blue widgets but only French speakers live in your target area, YouTube isn’t going to be very helpful.
  • Instead of focusing on YouTube views or subscribers, start with YouTube engagement by creating YouTube videos that are informative and engaging in order to get more likes and shares on YouTube
  • Avoid using YouTube for advertising purposes only by making it your goal to make your YouTube channel a hub where people can find valuable content about topics related to your business. If you keep uploading promotional videos but neglect uploads that are interesting, people will see right through you
  • Provide potential customers with an opportunity to learn more about the products and services you offer by adding product descriptions, reviews, features lists, etc. in the YouTube video description box
  • When it comes time to promote new YouTube videos, YouTube is the perfect place to spread the word! YouTube provides users with an easy way to share your YouTube video with friends through email, text message, and social media sites. If you want to get more YouTube views for a YouTube video that’s about your business or products/services you offer, promoting it on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can provide even more exposure
  • If you’re looking for another way to increase YouTube engagement, ask visitors on your website to add custom annotations by creating a YouTube video on a topic related on what they’re clicking on
  • When uploading information on YouTube, be mindful of copyright policies [READ MORE ABOUT COPYRIGHT BELOW] Source: http://internetretailer.com/2013/12/13/5-tips-boost-YouTube-views

Why Should Businesses Be Using YouTube?

YouTube provides a unique opportunity for businesses to market their products and services. YouTube offers an online community where users can share valuable content with people all around the world, thus building brand recognition and trust at the same time! YouTube is the perfect place for drawing in new customers, generating leads, and increasing sales. YouTube has become one of the most impactful websites today because it’s used by more than 1 billion YouTube users every single day!

What Does YouTube Provide?

YouTube provides users with a means to watch or upload videos on any subject imaginable from music, news, gaming, travel, science, entertainment and so much more. Users can also create accounts to communicate with other YouTube members through comments or private messages, YouTube also provides users with an opportunity to join YouTube communities through interest-based YouTube groups. YouTube is the perfect place for businesses to promote their YouTube channel and engage with more potential customers on topic-specific videos, thus creating brand awareness at the same time!

How Can YouTube Help My Business?

YouTube really excels when it comes to distributing content that’s informative in nature. With many different ways for people to get involved, you can easily create a following of loyal endorsing customers by providing helpful or interesting YouTube videos related to your business or industry that will get people talking about your business. A simple YouTube video can allow you to show off your products/services without actually having to show them which means you won’t have any issues with YouTube’s YouTube content monetization policy which prohibits any YouTube videos from including third-party endorsements. YouTube is the perfect place to get your products/services out there, increase sales, and quickly boost YouTube views in the process!  Companies like GE, Coke, Sony, Disney, and many others have begun to recognize how impactful YouTube can be for their business by creating campaign ads that generate even more YouTube views than ever before.

What Are Some Good Reasons to Set up a YouTube Channel?

  • YouTube is free -it’s easy!
  • You get access to analytics allowing you to easily track YouTube engagement
  • YouTube is great for longer content
  • It gives users the opportunity to share campaigns on social media sites like Facebook
  • Exposure, as you begin to beat down on obscurity

YouTube Copyright

YouTube is a free video-sharing platform founded in 2005 and owned by Google YouTube was purchased for $1.65 billion back in 2006 It has since become the world’s number one online video community where people of all ages can find entertaining and informative YouTube videos on virtually any topic imaginable! YouTube provides users with an easy single place to upload and watch videos as well as share them with friends or on social media sites. As one of the most impactful websites today YouTube continues to expand and evolve its business model despite competing with similar video sharing communities like Vimeo Why Should Businesses Be Using YouTube, YouTube provides a unique opportunity for businesses to market their products and services YouTube offers an online video community where information can be presented to YouTube users through YouTube videos YouTube is a free web video sharing service that allows YouTube members to upload and share their YouTube videos on virtually any subject imaginable YouTube provides analytics allowing YouTube members to track and measure how many people watch YouTube videos and what types of comments they leave in the process. Google owns YouTube which means all uploaded content must comply with YouTube’s YouTube content monetization policy which prohibits businesses from uploading third-party endorsements for products or services The YouTube content monetization policy also prohibits advertisements unless you’re creating campaign ads designed to get more YouTube views! When it comes to distributing your company’s products/services, YouTube is one of the most cost-effective ways for potential customers to get involved because it doesn’t require business owners to purchase expensive 3rd party YouTube ads YouTube has over 1 billion monthly YouTube users worldwide YouTube provides businesses with an easy way to upload and create YouTube videos that showcase their products/services without having to actually show them YouTube allows users to easily share uploaded YouTube videos on social media sites like Facebook

YouTube Copyright Policies

Any user who submits any content or information to be disseminated through the YouTube platform grants google permission to use, modify, publicly perform, publicly display, reproduce or distribute such content YouTube is free of charge and it can be accessed by anyone with an Internet connection YouTube is mainly known as a video sharing website where users can upload short or long-form entertaining or informative YouTube videos related to virtually any topic imaginable YouTube’s legal YouTube content monetization policy prohibits videos from containing 3rd party endorsements for YouTube products and services YouTube’s YouTube community guidelines prohibit video creators from uploading YouTube videos with pornographic or sexually explicit content YouTube’s YouTube content monetization policy prohibits businesses from uploading third party endorsements for YouTube products and services, YouTube is designed to be a neutral platform where users can freely share their information with other users. YouTube respects the YouTube copyright protection of YouTube users and YouTube content creators YouTube also provides YouTube members with YouTube tools that they can use to help them report any YouTube videos or channel pages that might violate their intellectual property rights Users who submit information for YouTube must comply with Google’s privacy policy.


As one of the most popular video-sharing communities today, YouTube is a wonderful promotional tool for businesses looking to get their product out there without spending money on expensive 3rd party ads. YouTube allows business owners to reach new customers by uploading useful, entertaining, or informative YouTube videos about your products/services passively communicating the messaging you want to get across to your prospects and clients.

Go start your YouTube Channel today!


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