Why Blogging is Important for Your Business

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Why Blogging is Important to Your Business

Although blogging is a relatively inexpensive and easy engagement, many consider it a waste of time, especially for business. However, blogging and content marketing provides business owners with tons of opportunities. If you think, it is not necessary for your business; you may be surprised when you find the benefits you can gain from a company blog. Here are a few benefits of writing a regular blog with relevant content for your business is important.

Boosts Your Search Engine Optimization Score

Regularly blogging is very helpful to increasing your SEO and beating out any potential competition in search engine pages. Even if most areas of your website remain static for long periods of time, a blog provides a great platform for you to regularly provide new content using the right keywords to increase your search engine visibility. Making use of keywords, topics, and categories in your business regularly is a winning inbound marketing strategy that is sure to attract visitors to your blog – and your website.

It Drives Traffic to Your Website

The hub of the inbound marketing strategy of your business generally revolves around attracting visitors to your website. An effective content marketing strategy for your blog is an ideal way to attract visitors and drive traffic to your website. Your website is most often where visitors would find your contact information, your products, services, gain leads, and even make sales. An effective blog post will invite visitors to head to your website. If you also have social media platforms for your business such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc., you post inbound links to your blog along with relevant visuals to drive traffic to your business website. Since search engines are very friendly to websites that are regularly updated, a great content marketing strategy is key to attracting visitors and converting these visitors into paying customers.

Builds Trust, Credibility, and Connections for Your Brand

Blogging helps you gain the trust of potential clients during a sales process. This is particularly vital for small and mid-sized businesses that hardly have enough brand awareness or reputation. In truth, no one would do business with you if they do not trust you. Regular blog writing allows you establish some form of relationship and direct connections with your prospects and customers. Since customers love relevant information, good content is an ideal way to build trust and credibility in your brand and through your response and interactions with your customer on your blog; you would soon be able to create a great niche for yourself – one that places you well above other competitors.

If you would like to understand more about how content marketing for your business can help expand your reach to your prospects and clients, feel free to contact Mixed Media Ventures, and one of our Digital Marketing consultants will be happy to have an educational discussion with you and your team.  We can be reached at [email protected], 888.980.8170, or use the form below to speak to someone today.

Jack Brandt is President of Mixed Media Ventures. In his 18 years in the online (Internet) space, he has worked with organizations of all sizes, with one employee to 50,000+ employees consulting them on how to grow their businesses and help their clients/customers achieve their online goals. He’s worked for some of the top Internet companies of their day, and some you’ve never heard of.  In every case, Jack has helped his clients to achieve their online goals with unique solutions that helped them generate new revenue streams.  He now leads Mixed Media Ventures and helps businesses with their Digital Marketing efforts, helping them generate leads, prospects, and clients.

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