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How to Write Blog Posts that Promote your Business

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How to Write Blog Posts that Promote your Business

Creating captivating and engaging content used to be a choice. Individuals and companies could decide to use blogs and articles to attract target buyers and compel them to make purchases. Not anymore. Writing blog posts is no longer optional these days. It is now crucial to an effective digital marketing strategy.

To build trust, direct attention to a specific problem, deliver valuable solutions and convert your marketing strategy into sales and revenue, you must provide engaging and valuable content for your audience. Blog writing does not only engage your target audience but gives insights into the mode of operation of your brand or business. However, many brand owners do not consider themselves writing experts and this could cause them to worry about how to provide web content. How do you put pen to paper? How do you keep your audience engaged? How do you ensure brand loyalty through valuable content?

Set Goals in Advance

Excuses such as “I’ve got no writing ideas” or “there isn’t enough time” are common phrases that discourage people from having a blog. Well, there is a solution: set goals, and plan your posts. This is a perfect solution to any time or idea related excuses, as you would be obliged to start off with something when it is blog post day on your weekly calendar.  Here at Mixed Media Ventures, we use a Google Sheet or Excel Spreadsheet to create a quarterly editorial calendar so we know what topics to write about, when to write about them, and when to pre-schedule them to be published.

With a clear vision, set goal, and integrated plan, you would be better able to spring up ideas that fit your specific audience. Your content can provide value for your prospects, establish your brand as an authority in the industry, build trust, and direct more leads to your business. Once your goals are in place, create a schedule or blog post plan and stick to it.

Whether you provide content once daily or once weekly, commitment and consistency are crucial. Create a plan that is feasible considering your work schedule – and this will help you build your target audience and encourage brand loyalty in the long run. Daily or weekly blog post planning will ensure yours provide fresh and relevant content to keep your readers engaged and interested.

Write for your Prospects and Customers

Like your website, your blog post is not for you. To ensure your posts are effective and produce only the best results, write with the end user in mind.

Your blog allows you to express your opinion on a wide range of subjects that affect your target audience, no matter how small or large this audience might be. As such, it would be ideal to focus such content on the interests and concerns of your prospects and zero in on what really matters to them. Be sure to pay attention to the overall theme or tone of your blog. A blog should have a “voice” – one that reinforces the unique nature of your brand addresses the concerns of your prospects, and helps them see why you are different from every other brand in the business.

An ideal approach to effective writing is to engage in quality research. Seek out ideas from Q and A platforms such as LinkedIn Groups, Yahoo! Answers, and Quora. This will help you identify with people who have questions relating to your niche – you would discover their pains, frustrations, and objections. It is an ideal way to develop ideas and create valuable content for your audience.

You could conduct a survey with a simple tool such as Survey Monkey, reaching out to your prospects and existing customers to find out their unmet needs. You must keep those needs in mind when you begin to develop your content.

Create Call-to-Action Titles

A blog title can be very powerful – do not underestimate its impact as it affects how your content is found in the search engine. The title is the first thing a potential reader looks at. As such, you must create a long tail keyword blog title with that draws reader attention and indicates the purpose of the post. Users usually enter long tail keywords when they search for specific information.

So creating a title that makes use of questions and action verbs will help direct attention to your blog. If for instance, you are writing about income tax return, an example blog title is “How do I File an Income Tax Return?” However, while you may use keywords to draw your readers’ attention, be careful not to stuff your article – do not over-do it. Ensure that your writing makes sense to the reader. If possible, utilize bullet points, guides, tags, and images containing the keyword.

Share your Content on Social Media

Once your content is ready, use it as your social media post for the month. Engage your social media audience on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks, around the topic of your post. This way, the written content will be created with an effective sales strategy that is structured to walk your prospective clients towards making the first purchase.

The bottom line is: be consistent and committed. Your readers will be compelled to return when they know the day(s) you typically post content. You could also alert them by sending emails about any new posts on your blog. In the long run, you would win prospects, clients, and of course, return buyers for your business. Content is king.

Blog writing and posting is an important factor in growing your online presence, as well as putting information out there that is relevant for your prospects and clients, to help keep you top of mind when they need you.  To learn more about how Mixed Media Ventures can help you to create fresh new content weekly and monthly that is relevant for your prospects and customers, reach out to us at 888.980.8170 or [email protected].

Jack Brandt is President of Mixed Media Ventures. In his 18 years in the online (Internet) space, he has worked with organizations of all sizes, with one employee to 50,000+ employees consulting them on how to grow their businesses and help their clients/customers achieve their online goals. He's worked for some of the top Internet companies of their day, and some you've never heard of.  In every case, Jack has helped his clients to achieve their online goals with unique solutions that helped them generate new revenue streams.  He now leads Mixed Media Ventures and helps businesses with their Digital Marketing efforts, helping them generate leads, prospects, and clients.

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