Local Business Listings

We’ll help your local business get found online. We have an award-winning platform called the Local Business Listing Platform (LBLP) which allows companies of all sizes manage their location data across mobile apps, websites and internal systems. We use the widest ecosystem of apps, directories, maps, social networks and search engines like Yahoo, Apple, Google, Bing and Facebook. Our Local Business Listings allows millions of businesses in the world to be more competitive by providing digital interactions that drive foot traffic, increase brand awareness and boost sales.

One Platform to Manage All of Your Location Data.

This platform was built specifically to improve the management of all of your businesses data and information. We make it very easy for you to update your partners, customers, business models and even the whole organization with location data from special offers to a change in your phone number.  It has a centralized control that makes it easy for you to deliver the local information that client’s want and search engines need.

Location Business Listing Management

Our Local Business Listing Platform is your center for all data that makes up your restaurants, branches, stores, dealerships, physicians, ATMs, offices and service centers.

It was built for Location Data Management (LDM) and supports over 50 fields ranging from payment methods to phone and address, location specific offers, menu and product lists, holiday hours, search categories right out of the box. It also makes it very easy to edit data in bulk or from individual locations.



Geocoding Made Easy

Let us start by explaining the term “Geocoding.” “Geocoding” is a computational process by which a "postal address description" is transformed to a location on the surface of the earth. It is the spatial representation in numerical coordinates eg. latitude and longitude.

Everyone understands what it feels like to have a GPS to lead you astray. The worst part is that this usually happens when you are already late and running behind. Why do these errors occur? Usually, It’s because the data like the longitude/latitude coordinate is incorrect. These errors are usually hard to detect until you lose a lot of customers.

Our data cleansing process entails verification of client’s coordinates with three top mapping providers in the Local Business Listing Network; Bing, Google and Yahoo. We’ll ensure that your map pins appear correctly to pedestrians and drivers.

Fast and Easy Data Cleansing/Clean-up

Local and Mobile continues to grow and converge. Your customers now use their mobile devices more than their personal computers to find you. This means that you have to tailor your web services to reflect this trend. An accurate, clean location data of your business (es) is the first step you need to take to drive customers directly to your door.

Our operations team that will review all your data to detect missing fields, inconsistencies and discrepancies and we’ll do all we can to ensure that we fill any gap that we find.



All of the Above, and Custom Information!

The best management platforms do not force you to use a particular structure, they allow you to set some of your own personal rules! Custom fields make it very easy to extend existing data Local Business Listings Platform.

We’ll work with you to define the custom fields that best represent your data management strategy like open status, square footage or brand. We could also add custom fields that support photos, web pages, yes/no answers or a dozen additional data validation types to manage your location data on your own terms.