About Mixed Media Ventures

Our Mission Statement

It is Mixed Media Ventures duty, obligation, and responsibility to help small and medium sized businesses, their owners, and teams achieve their goals online.

We understand that small businesses, their ownership, and their team, are not web experts, and don't have a deep understanding of digital presence, local search, social presence, etc.  We understand they want someone who understands their needs, and that they typically want their online tools optimized for them.

Who We Are

Mixed Media Ventures is a team of Web and SaaS professionals, with a diverse background.  We have a passion for helping small businesses succeed with online or mobile solutions, whether we are speaking directly to the small business or helping a SaaS provider, Hosting provider, or other partner put their solutions in place on their behalf.

In addition to small business services, our experiences and resources also allow us to help SaaS providers, Software companies, and other online marketplaces go to market via the channel and via our existing relationships.  Why not let us help you?

How We Help Our Clients

Mixed Media Ventures, helps the small and medium sized business with their digital education.  We build trust with the business, team, and leadership.  We then provide solid content, programs, and analytics for improved customer relationships and sales.  More importantly, we do this for them, when they need it, to foster growth on their timelines and roadmaps.

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Learn more by contacting us here, or call us at 888.980.8170 to speak to someone today.