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6 Tips For Increasing Your Website’s Organic Search Reach

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Each year, the online space becomes more competitive and busier as thousands of entrepreneurial individuals and groups unveil new businesses. What still remains constant is that for these businesses to thrive, they must rank well on Google’s search so they can be seen by online users. While it is possible to reach these audiences through paid ads, you must remember that both Google and the average targeted customer prefer organically ranked content.

So, how do you get your content to reach the right audiences? How can you increase your organic reach on search?

Here are six tips that can help you achieve these goals:

Create Unique and Engaging Content

This one seems pretty obvious but cannot go unsaid.  Regardless of any algorithm change by the Google search engine, content is still king. A unique and informative piece of content that integrates infographics, audio, and video not only adds value but engages the consumer.

The uniqueness of whatever piece you create is crucial to the success of today’s content; unfortunately, many brands mistakenly assume it is safe to use the same content on all social media platforms. Since each platform targets a unique set of audience, it is a great idea to make the content not only compelling but unique. For instance, a fashion brand can use the Facebook live feature to showcase a fashion show in real-time while using the Instagram story feature to show behind-the-scene happenings of the show. This way, the brand will be able to properly leverage each platform and capture the interest of its users.

Craft a Winning Content Strategy

Beyond understanding the need for unique content, there should be a strategy in place so your followers don’t forget you exist. Many businesses today focus on posting blogs specific to an industry. This way, they are not only able to increase their organic reach on search engines but keep their target audiences returning for more.

Creating quality content is just one of the few ways you can increase your search organic reach. It is important that you promote it so it can get to the right people. This is where social media marketing plays a big role. When you create a quality content strategy, you will be better able to connect with members of your ideal audience, and if your content interests them, they will likely share it, extending your reach beyond your immediate efforts.

A quality content strategy should include:

  • How to regularly produce evergreen content
  • How frequently you post content
  • Which social media sites fit your goals and objectives
  • And how frequently you want to recycle your social media content

Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Producing organic content has a lot to do with ensuring you have an up-to-date and SEO-friendly profile. For instance, Google’s algorithm crawls Facebook profile names with keywords better than those with little to no descriptions. You may want to work with a search engine optimization company to help bring life to your social media pages by optimizing them and keeping them up to date with the ever-changing search algorithms.

Leverage the Power of High-Quality Links

High-quality links are a key part of Google’s algorithm and can represent the piece that separates a well-ranked web page from a struggling one. While internal links leading from one page on your website to another are good, outbound high-quality links encourage Google to improve the organic ranking of your website.

This means that merely posting outbound links will not necessarily improve your organic reach on search; the idea here is to find links that contain relevant information for your industry but are not in direct competition with your business. One way to source for high-quality outbound links is to invite brand owners who have a mutually beneficial relationship with you to share their knowledge with your audience by guest posting on your website.

Use Meta Descriptions

While not directly tied to search engine rankings, meta descriptions play an important role in SEO via click-through rates. Many business owners underrate and overlook it, but it is more important than you may imagine.

The meta description is a 155-character snippet – a tiny text block below the webpage title and URL – that summarizes the content of a page. One way to organically increase your organic reach on search is to integrate your target keywords into the meta description. This way, Google not only improves the search engine ranking of your page, but showcases the text in bold, increasing the link’s chances of getting clicks.

Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

User engagement is key, which makes posting frequently important. But you would hardly have any engagement if the content lacks quality. In fact, Google does not recognize web links just because they are stuffed with loads of information, but because they are relevant to the user. The higher the quality of the content, the better the chance of getting ranked by Google.

Final Thoughts

Increasing organic reach on search can feel like an overwhelming task especially for startups and smaller businesses. But it is not an impossible road. It can all be done incrementally over time.  The tips and strategies listed above can help you on the path to ensuring organic growth. Done right, you will enjoy the amazing returns that increased organic reach can bring for your business.


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Jack Brandt is President of Mixed Media Ventures. In his 18 years in the online (Internet) space, he has worked with organizations of all sizes, with one employee to 50,000+ employees consulting them on how to grow their businesses and help their clients/customers achieve their online goals. He's worked for some of the top Internet companies of their day, and some you've never heard of.  In every case, Jack has helped his clients to achieve their online goals with unique solutions that helped them generate new revenue streams.  He now leads Mixed Media Ventures and helps businesses with their Digital Marketing efforts, helping them generate leads, prospects, and clients.

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