5 Reasons Why your Business Must Live Stream on Social Media Now

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5 Reasons Why your Business Must Begin Live Streaming on Social Media Now

If You’re Business Isn’t Live Streaming on Social Media or Using Video You’re Getting Late to the Game.

The digital world is constantly evolving, ensuring marketers and businesses alike remain on their toes as they strive to key into new ways to improve brand recognition and awareness. A not so new medium these days is the live streaming feature on social media. However, it still remains underutilized by many brands as some marketers are not so sure how it fits into their strategies for brand building, marketing, lead generation, etc.

Although using video content marketing strategy is not a new digital marketing concept, the idea behind live streaming on social media is now very valuable. It is a low cost, authentic, and effective way to engage target audiences, allowing viewers to experience real-time events from their favorite personalities and brands. Live streaming on social media is a big feature for savvy businesses as they can now reach their audiences directly, interacting and connecting with them easily.

Of course, live streaming could easily consume you and may form a great part of your marketing campaign strategy. it’s addicting.  However, the question is why the big deal? Why is it savvy for you to key into this opportunity as soon as your next marketing campaign?

Cost Effective

With more and more innovations and strategies in the digital space today, businesses have a lot to leverage on in order to improve brand awareness and recognition. However, not all of these strategies are cost-effective. In the long run, you must consider the return on investment following your investment into a specific innovation. Live streaming is an even more valuable asset as its cost is just about the same as a typical video marketing strategy. With a quality camera or smartphone, and stable internet connection, you can produce top quality, engaging video for your customers, that is quickly and easily syndicate-able and consumable.

A Peek into Behind-the-Scene-Activities

Trust and belief are two big, demanding words in today’s business world. In my opinion, partly because of reality television, and in part because of social media, customers prefer to know the goings-on behind the scenes of their favorite brands as this helps to instill confidence in their minds. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and others, now make it possible for the customers to take a peek, lifting the curtains and ensuring they feel like a part of any presentations going on through the social media platform.

Real-Time Valuable Information

Customers today highly value information – quality information. If you can provide professional guides, advice, and general information that customers cannot just get anywhere, they will tune in. Live streaming offers brands a powerful medium to provide industry-specific lectures on events that matter most to consumers. Viewers do not only feel involved in the end, but they will feel like they are getting some good reward for following you. This reward, which we interpret as value, is the information you provide.


An effective live streaming strategy also evokes the emotions of your consumers. This will create lasting impressions in the mind of these valued customers and establish some great level of human connection between your brand and your audience. Consistently sharing real-time stories with your audience will build lasting relationships and develop excitement around your brand and what you have to offer. Your customers will always look forward to seeing you.

Moving forward, there is hardly any doubt that a brand without a social media live streaming strategy is already late to the party. As a cost-effective marketing strategy, you can easily experiment different concepts to see what captures the minds of your target audience better. Ultimately, you would be able to create fresh, unique content for your valued audience and discover better ways to actively engage them.

If you feel you need a strategy to help you with modernizing your social media efforts to better engage your prospects and clients, feel free to reach out to one of our Sr. Digital Marketing Consultants at Mixed Media Ventures and have an open discussion about what you may need to improve engagement, as well as lead generation from the platforms you are using.  We can be reached at 888.980.8170 Xtn 1 or [email protected]

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