White Label Reseller Program

We Help Small Agencies Fulfill Their Client’s Digital Marketing Requirements

Our White Label Business Unit Focuses on Helping Micro and Small Digital Marketing Agencies Grow!

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Mixed Media Ventures provides profitable fulfillment for micro and small marketing agencies through our white label program.

We deliver your customers the leads, sales, and services under your brand as a concierge partner to work as your infrastructure as a partner whether directly with you or alongside you as your “team member” to make you look larger and more established.

Download the 17 Page eBook on why starting or outsourcing your agency to a concierge such as Mixed Media Ventures is the right thing to do for your business!

Done For You Fulfillment

We offer concierge-based done-for-you fulfillment for the marketing solutions you sell at a wholesale rate, still allowing you to make profitable markups of 50% – 200%.

Partnered Prospecting and Lead Generation

Let us work with you to help generate inbound leads and appointments for you. (additional fees and advertising spend apply).

Agency Website Tools

We’ll provide you with the tools to build your website or help you build your agency website should you require one. With our content planning process, we’ll help you get live, look professional, and start marketing to your prospective clients in no time. (additional fees may apply).

Help, Support, and Collateral

Mixed Media Ventures concierge partner support, direction, and tools help make you a trusted advisor to your prospects and clients.
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Fulfillment Services

Mixed Media Ventures provides the online tools and marketing services that your prospective and existing clients need to grow and scale online. And just as important, our service offerings give you the ability to set your own price points, close business and profit accordingly.

Mixed Media Ventures offers wholesale services such as:

    • Google and Bing Advertising
    • SEO
    • Social Media Marketing and Advertising
    • Google My Business Optimization
    • WordPress Website Creation (Websites and E-Commerce Websites)
    • Reputation Management
    • Lead Generation
    • Email Marketing & Automated Email Sequences
    • SMS Services and VoiceMail Drops
    • Chatbots
    • Voice Search
    • Directory Citations
    • Website Hosting, Security, and Backup Solutions

Agency Website & Tools

We know going to market can be daunting. Starting your agency, making prospect lists, trying to figure out what services to sell, reaching out to prospects, putting information in front of them, following up, and working to get meetings, etc. Sometimes, the little things, like your Website, should be left to those that are already in the business.

Mixed Media Ventures will work with you to build and publish your agency’s website for your service offerings, and we’ll do it at 15% above cost.

We have a number of designs you can choose from. We’ll replace the logo, images, colors, and run some redesign for a unique look and feel for you. The whole process generally does not cost more than $400 – $500 for a professional-looking website with the conversion tools you require to generate inbound leads easily.

We’ll even seed it with lead magnets so that you can start building your email list and delivering the content that people are looking for so that you may begin educating them to become their trusted digital marketing advisor.

Get hold of us today to learn more.

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Platform Services to Drive Sales

While we know you already likely have your own network of prospective clients to reach out to, or have your own standard operating procedures and systems in place already, we’d still like to help you win new clientele. With our premium lead generation services, we can help you reach out, nurture, and become a trusted advisor to your suspects and prospects so that you can entice them to either reach out to you directly for a call/meeting or they’ll take your call because they’re already familiar with your name and correspondence.

Mixed Media Ventures Premium Partner Lead Generation services allow you to position value for your prospects and engage their team as an expert in the digital marketing field.

What you get with the Premium Lead Generation Services:

  • A Digital Marketing Prospecting Platform that includes:
    1. Integrated CRM/Contact Management
    2. Communication History
    3. To-Do Lists and Reminders
    4. Inbound and Outbound SMS/Texting,
    5. Outbound Calling and Inbound Calling,
    6. Unlimited Email Marketing,
    7. Unlimited Prospect and Client Lists
    8. Integration with your Facebook Business Page/Chat and Instagram Chat
    9. Chatbot for Your Website
    10. Pipeline Management,
    11. Reputation Request/Management,
    12. Website Creator
    13. Sales Funnel Landing Page Creator
    14. Integration to Stripe and PayPal to take payment
    15. Help and Support Implementing the Services
    16. and much much more…
  • Ad Buying (Lead Generation) on Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, and more.
  • Managed Email Marketing & SMS Campaigns

Get quality appointments and meetings by implementing the SOPs, and managing client
programs from this platform.

Additional Fees Apply.

Help, Support, and Collateral

Mixed Media Venture’s white label partner program provides you with the tools to become a trusted advisor to your potential clientele. As a prerequisite, you ‘should have’ but it is not a requirement, to have a basic understanding of sales, online technologies, etc. Meaning, that if you’ve sold websites, Google Ads, or SEO in the past, you’re already in the game. If you haven’t we’ve got the basic training for you to get started.
Help, Support, and Collateral

Don’t worry if you don’t have too much digital marketing sales experience. Our team will act as your staff, and help you through the sales qualification, proposal/quote, and closing process. Not every proposal will pan out, and as you know, selling is a numbers game…

All you have to do is set aside some time with your Account Manager, provide background on the meeting, services they may have interest in, allow us to do some preliminary research, and we’re happy to have your logo on our T-shirt to help you sell, close, and fulfill the business on your behalf. Note we’re not going to do everything for you, so you must be present at the meetings, and help drive them, because of course, this is your customer…

Tools and Collateral Materials

Collateral Material: Mixed Media Ventures will work with you to produce marketing materials unique to your brand. We’ll get an understanding of what services you would like to offer, and help you get the PDFs to print and send that make you look professional, and that you can speak to either in person or on the phone.

Ad Buying: If you are looking to run your own Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. ads to generate leads, we can help with that as well. We’re happy to work with you to build your ads, get them up and running, and target the appropriate audiences in the geographies you are looking to address to generate those leads. Whether you are looking to create “likes” on your Facebook Page or Generate Sales Leads for your agency, Mixed Media Ventures can help… Premium Ad Creation and Implementation for Social Media, Google & Bing included.

Social Media Marketing: When building your brand from scratch you’ll certainly want to get your name out there, and there is no easier way than with Social Media Marketing services. Whether Mixed Media Ventures is blogging for you on your behalf and providing valuable content to your prospects & readers, posting professional business MEMEs to generate activity, or creating video nuggets that get your prospects excited, we can help you build your brand. We build the creative, the message, and blast it out to your social media audiences

CRM Platform: As noted above we can also provide you with an industry-leading CRM, Prospecting, and Sales Management tool to help you go to market more effectively as well. The CRM Platform includes: Digital Marketing Prospecting Platform that includes:

  • Integrated CRM/Contact Management
  • Communication History
  • To-Do Lists and Reminders
  • Inbound and Outbound SMS/Texting,
  • Outbound Calling and Inbound Calling,
  • Unlimited Email Marketing,
  • Unlimited Prospect and Client Lists
  • Integration with your Facebook Business Page/Chat and Instagram Chat
  • Chatbot for Your Website
  • Pipeline Management,
  • Reputation Request/Management,
  • Website Creator
  • Sales Funnel Landing Page Creator
  • Integration to Stripe and PayPal to take payment
  • Help and Support Implementing the Services
  • and much much more…

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