Five Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Social Media Strategy

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Social Media Strategy

Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Strategy

A social media strategy outlines how your small business will utilize social media to communicate with its target audience as well as the devices it will use to accomplish this. At an essential level it’s a basic statement of plan, illustrating the objectives and quantifiable goals for utilizing social media, and the objective results you need to accomplish. It’s no different than a subset of your marketing plan, just a bit more dynamic in my opinion.

Social media is a relationship-building instrument, which if utilized accurately, can result in a bigger customer base for your small business. 65% of consumers today, make a buying decision prior to picking up the phone and calling you or walking into your establishment.  Meaning, they’ve already done the research on the products, services, and businesses they want to potentially purchase from.  By establishing a social media strategy, you’re embarking on a journey of building trust with your prospective customers.  On the off chance that you need your business to grow (and who doesn’t), then, it is an absolute necessity for you to embrace social media today. The following are some key reasons why your small business needs a lucid social media strategy.

It assists you in knowing your customers: There is no need for you to keep assuming or guessing what your customers want. You can utilize social media to become more acquainted with your target audience personally by hanging out with them on the web, whether it is Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. You can tune in, learn and create genuine connections utilizing social media by engaging in conversation. You can also share your own original and 3rd party content that solve the current problems of your target audience. With this, you are leveraging the social media platform(s) of choice to the advantage of your brand.

Enhance your client relations:  The majority of individuals are of the opinion that social media sites were a superior approach to speaking with business organizations than through calls. Social media operates throughout the day. It never turns off.  This is a good way to enhance your relationship with your customers. Your best outcomes will come simply after you have set aside the opportunity to build up a decent reputation and a feeling of trust with your target audience.

Buying choices are affected by social media:  One of the most influential things that impact customer decisions while purchasing today is the social media. Think about Facebook and a Facebook page for your business… Facebook allows your prospects and customers to engage in discussion about your business, swap stories about your product or service, etc.  Without a reasonable social media strategy, how would you know how to positively influence the buying choices of your customers, fix some of your customer service issues, or engage with customers more often than over the phone or in person? How would you know you’re not missing out on potential sales or deals?

Absence of strategy puts your competitors at an advantage:  A small business with a strategy and plan has a structure for prioritizing, organizing, executing, measuring and enhancing. This commonly will prompt better outcomes on the grounds that every activity carried out has a certain direction. On the off chance that you put resources into a social presence with no particular strategy, it may be hard for you to determine if your marketing endeavors are successful or not. Grant Cardone has an interesting case on social media strategy in the following YouTube Videos:

His philosophy is a bit more aggressive than other experts out there, but he feels the need to “dominate” social media to squash his competition in his space.  In a Forbes blog he was the number one guy they mentioned to watch in 2017 for social media strategy and influence.

Influencers exist on every social network: As mentioned above, social media platforms have lots of influencers. These include celebrities, self-made social stars, video bloggers, and so on. These are people that can help your messages or brand trend. In case happen not to be a part of their world, you’re irrelevant. You may end up losing to that competitor of yours that are more socially aware since they are prepared to be innovative and bold in their marketing endeavors. Also, getting your message to your target audience will be much harder.

In conclusion, regardless of the possibility that you’re not effectively participating in social media, different organizations are, including your rivals and undoubtedly a huge extent of your clients. Neglecting to understand that the social media is the place many individuals hold discussions means you’re left behind in the conversation, and you can’t impact what happens.

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