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Why Reputation Management is Critical to Your Online Brand

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Why Reputation Management is Critical to Your Online Brand

Thanks to the digital world, businesses can now enjoy greater exposure and better position their brand for success. One of the exciting features of the online space is that customers can now share their experiences with others on social networks. While the positive feedback of these customers can help in the growth and success of your business, negative reviews can severely damage the online reputation of your brand.

Although building an authoritative online reputation can be as powerful as it can be the undoing of a business if not properly managed. As such, reputation management is critical to your online brand. Statistics have revealed that over $530 billion is lost yearly in the U.S. due to unsatisfied or unhappy customers. In fact, about 80 percent of customers in the digital space do not consider doing any form of business with a brand that has a questionable reputation. But why is reputation management really important for your online brand?

Increased Sales

When your brand projects positive reviews in all sections of the online space, you can definitely enjoy increased business sales. Search engines, Facebook followings, and the latest trends on Twitter are some of the tools prospective customers depend on before they make their decision. Most of these prospects research products, services, and brands before making any purchase. As such, effective management of your online brand is critical to your marketing success.

Customer Relationship

An effective reputation management strategy offers you an opportunity to interact with your customers. Whether it is a price query or inquiry about the availability of a product, this interaction can help you to understand the specific needs of your customers better. The information gotten from this type of interaction can also help to improve your business in the future.


A positive online reputation is powerful in gaining the trust of your potential clients and customers. Negative reviews quickly circulate and this can severely damage the position of your business. A good online reputation management strategy will make it easier for you to scale through one of the toughest hurdles of reputation management, which is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Since search engine algorithm updates usually favor brands and businesses with dominant positive reviews, developing an enviable online reputation is worth any time and effort you invest.

Customer Insights

Effective management of your online reputation will help you gain invaluable insights from your customers and use these insights to improve your brand. For instance, replying politely to unhappy customers will serve as proof that you are willing to invest your time and effort into addressing the needs of your customers. Reputation management through customer reviews will help you improve your customer experience, enhance the level of service you offer, and boost your sales.

The digital space gives your brand a voice – and even the biggest businesses would hardly have as much impact today without the influence of the online world. But there are risks. Not everyone would agree with your strategy or point of view. However, an effective online reputation management plan will help you stay connected with your target audience, learn about their concerns, and address their specific needs. Yes, it has the ability to improve your customer service, boost your sales, and maintain a positive presence for your brand.

If you are interested in how reputation management services can help you to scale your sales, manage poor customer experiences, and allow you to interact with your clients more often, reach out to one of our Sr. Digital Marketing Consultants here at Mixed Media Ventures.  Give us a call at 888.980.8170 or email us at [email protected].

Jack Brandt is President of Mixed Media Ventures. In his 18 years in the online (Internet) space, he has worked with organizations of all sizes, with one employee to 50,000+ employees consulting them on how to grow their businesses and help their clients/customers achieve their online goals. He's worked for some of the top Internet companies of their day, and some you've never heard of.  In every case, Jack has helped his clients to achieve their online goals with unique solutions that helped them generate new revenue streams.  He now leads Mixed Media Ventures and helps businesses with their Digital Marketing efforts, helping them generate leads, prospects, and clients.

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