iPhone and Android Applications for Small Business

A Few Ways Mixed Media Ventures Helps Businesses to Grow with Mobile Apps and Better Service their Customers

  • Connect with your customers anywhere they are.
  • Drive new and existing customers to you to do business and do business more often
  • Increase your sales and marketing productivity with another channel of marketing
  • Avoid lost business, get recommendations, and found more often in mobile searches
  • Increase convenience for your customers and prospective customers
  • Grow your business affordably

Ultimately, we help you get greater reach into your customer base, engage them more deeply, and entice them to do business with you more often.  See our mini Case Study on Inlet Yoga, here.

Mobile Applications for Small Businesses

Everyone knows mobile is a hot market slated to grow dramatically over the next several years. Everyone knows mobile searches outweigh desktop searches. But did you know that users spend significantly more time inside apps than they do browsing the mobile web? That’s a fact. And owning some real estate on the users’ screen isn’t too different than owning actual real estate.

With a mobile application, you can drive real engagement, and keep your customer top of mind about your company, products, services, and brand. For the majority of small businesses 80% of their future revenue will come from 20% of their existing customers. This is a fact as well. Therefore having the ability to initiate contact with your customers within seconds in order to drive in-store traffic, online sales, or even attract customers away from competitors is an advantage for any business to have. A mobile application for the iOS (iphone, Ipad, etc) or Android device/phone, is going to become essential in the near future.

With Mixed Media Ventures, we can help you to stay engaged with your customer base with push notifications, loyalty solutions, digital coupons, appointment setting and much more. Click on the images to the left to see two case studies on how these small to medium size businesses use their mobile applications to run their businesses.

Oh, and they are more affordable than you might think. If you would like to learn more, please use the below form to have us contact you for a no obligation chat.

Amramp Case Study

Amramp manufactures modular wheelchair ramps in historic Boston, Massachusetts.

They started more than 40 years ago as a producer of architectural metal items used by contractors and architects. We produced stairs, rails, fire doors and security products for doors and windows.

In 1998 Amramp patented a unique modular ramp system that has become their signature product. Amramp has expanded their product line to include other products that make life accessible.

Today, Amramp has 45 locations and growing across the United States and Canada. Each of Amramp’s locations has local inventory so they can accommodate your accessibility needs quickly.

The Goal

Amramp was looking for a way to easily and effectively give their clients, prospects, and employees a proper mobile experience.  With our mobile application platform as well as our mobile website platform we were able to transform the 100+ page Amramp website into a mobile ready website in just a few days vs. engaging in a costly redesign of their core website.

Additionally, Amramp uses their iPhone and Android application today to help expand their brand, generate leads from healthcare professionals, and capture leads from tradeshows via their team members.

The App and Mobile Website

As mentioned earlier, Mixed Media Ventures mobilized over 100 HTML web pages in just a few days, and upon integration of the mobilization script on the Amramp Website, they were ready to go and were ahead of the Google mobile search changes.

The iPhone and Android app have a series useful features for Amramp users such as:

  • One Touch Calling
  • Social Sharing
  • Email form(s) for data and lead capture
  • Event schedule for trade shows, etc.
  • Youtube Channel to showcase solutions
  • Gallery of installed customer images
  • Analytics for iOS and Android applications for downloads, feature usage, and more.
  • Push Notifications, with Geofencing, scheduling, and advanced linking features


Amramp has marketed the app to medical professionals, franchisees, and to their own team members for use, lead generation, and brand expansion.


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