Mobile App Development Services

Creating a successful mobile platform for your business will determine how fast you’ll be able to penetrate today’s market. We are experts in delivering and installing a complete package of mobile solutions and services by partnering with you.  Together, we effectively and quickly develop tailor made mobile apps that will meet all your requirements. It doesn’t matter whether the app is to be used externally by your clients and customers or internally to boost employee productivity; we have a talented development team that is extremely meticulous and will develop great apps that’ll fit in with your goals.

Wearable Technology Solutions

One of the newest trends in the world of consumer electronics is wearable technology. It is estimated that before the end of 2016, there’ll be over 45.7 million wearable devices in use. The popularity of wearable and the Internet of Things (IoT) devices have grown so much that a lot of businesses have recognized the need to integrate their mobile apps with wearable devices like the Samsung Gear watch, Google Glass, Microsoft Hololens, Android Wear, Moto 360 Smartwatch and Apple Watch. If you have an idea for a wearable device app and/or extending a mobile app/mobile app idea to a wearable device, our team of skilled wearable app developers will help you with its creations.

iOS App Development

App developers generally find it hard to balance functionality with elegance and this is where Mixed Media Ventures stand out. All our iOS apps are both functional and elegant, so, you do not need to compromise one for the other. We bring our vast experience in app development to the development of all our client’s apps, no matter how small. All hands will be on deck to provide you with iOS apps that are both fascinating and captivating. We’ll work very closely with you throughout the entire software development cycle to ensure the resulting app is perfectly suited to your needs and brand. It doesn’t matter what your requirements are, we have great developers that will design and develop functional and easy to use apps.

Android App Development

You need high level experts to develop  Android apps because of its hardware and software fragmentation, and the large number of devices and operating systems it works with. Our developers understand every intricate aspect of Android app development and will also port existing web or iOS apps into Android apps for increased mobility of your employees and/or customers. And, just like our iOS and wearable device app development team, our Android app development team is also based in Stateside.

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