Solve Customer Problems, Don’t Sell App Features Only

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Why Small Businesses Don’t Buy Mobile Apps? You’re selling features and not benefits Small businesses are notoriously late adopters of technology Businesses are more comfortable buying products they understand So tie the app to marketing channels that small businesses know to work! Solve Marketing Problems, Don’t Sell Mobile Apps Sell more Facebook fans and activity Sell […]

Loyalty Programs for Small Businesses

Five Reasons a Small Business Should Consider a Loyalty Program for Their Customers

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Do you have a loyalty program for your customers?  Have you ever earned a free coffee after purchasing nine at the coffee shop?  We bet you have.  In fact, besides the great tasting latte, we’ll bet the free coffee is 50% of the reason you’re going back.  Or maybe it’s the free coffee on your […]

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Why a Small Business Would Need a Mobile Application for Their Business

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If you are the owner of a small business and your business has yet to purchase or build a mobile application, now is be the right time to get one. Having a web presence alone is no longer enough regarding online solutions for businesses. Online business models continually shifts, and over the past several years […]