MindBody Online Integration for Salons

MindBody Online LogoMixed Media Ventures has built an integration for MindBody Online for Salons.  We've created a turnkey solution that will allow the salon to put the power of appointment setting and purchasing products in the hand of their customers by owning just a bit of real estate on their iPhone or Android Phones.  Meaning, while you're customer is standing in line at the coffee shop, they can set an appointment with their favorite stylist, or purchase their favorite haircare product, without having to call you while you're busy, and distracting you from working on that fussy client's hair.

Ammon Carver MindBody Online iPhone and Android AppsOur flagship salon client is Ammon Carver Studio, who entrusted us to create a mobile experience different from the rest.  The goal for Ammon was to deploy an iPhone and Android application that allowed his salon and photo studio clients to not be tasked with having to call the studio whenever they wanted to make an appointment with him or his stylists.  The use case was, “if his client is standing in line at Starbucks," and that’s the only time they had to make an appointment with the studio, he wanted them to be able to open the app, choose a date, time, and available time slot, and simply make the appointment before they get their coffee handed to them.

Today, beyond, just the all important appointment setting feature and the online L'ANZA Shop, Ammon has the following features for his clients:

Customers can download the app, sign up for an account (or log-in), add their credit card, make their appointment, and/or purchase products.  It all syncs seamlessly with Ammon Carver Studio's MindBody Online, so the team never has to worry about answering the phone to make take an appointment.

We're Helping Other MindBody Salon's Too

Mixed Media Ventures is helping other salons to get on the bleeding edge and give their customers the convenience of mobile appointments, a mobile store, push notifications to help you stay in touch with your customers, and loyalty programs to keep your customers coming back more often.

Check Out the Ammon Carver Case Study here.


Setup for the custom store and custom appointment scheduling system to interface with your MindBody instance at your salon is $495.00 setup, and $97.00 per month to maintain the app, and give you access to the management portal to send push notifications, make changes to your loyalty programs, check analytics, and much more.


Mixed Media Ventures is happy to support you during normal business hours, and we're dedicated to making sure your app runs smoothly and everything remains working correctly.  We're dedicated to your success, with your mobile app.


Once your app is published to the respective app stores, we train you on how to use all it's features.  We also provide training videos so that you can come back and review how to send push notifications, anytime, as well as make changes to other areas of your app, such as event schedules, loyalty programs, and many more features we have integrated into our system for you.

Get Started

To get started or talk to a rep, please call us at 973.679.4327 or email us using the form below, and we will have someone contact you within 48 hours.

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