Ammon Carver’s iOS and Android Application with MindBody Online Integration

About Ammon Carver  Ammon Carver Application

Ammon Carver has gained recognition in the hair and beauty industry for his refined aesthetic, continued passion and portfolio of flawless looks. Nominated 5 times by the North American Hairstyling Awards for Editorial Stylist of the Year, Ammon is one of the most highly regarded hair stylists in the business.

In 2014, Ammon opened the Ammon Carver Studio in New York City. Part salon, part photography studio, it serves to unite the worlds behind and in front of the camera by creating a cohesive space for both. “I wanted to create a space that marries both beauty and photography.” His new studio serves as the ideal space for Ammon to stay true to his core principles of authenticity and “likeable luxury,” and to continue his work as a stylist for clients looking for a luxurious experience.

The Goal

The goal for Ammon was to deploy an iPhone and Android application that allowed his upscale customers to not be tasked with having to call the studio whenever they wanted to make an appointment with him or his stylists.  The use case was, "if his client is standing in line at Starbucks," and that's the only time they had to make an appointment with the studio, he wanted them to be able to open the app, choose a date, time, and available time slot, and simply make the appointment before they get their coffee handed to them.

The Integrations

Upon selection of MindBody Online to help manage customers, services, schedules, products, and other salon related tasks, we engaged the MindBody API, and developed out a custom appointment setting system, as well as a custom store for the mobile application.  This was all done in HTML, CSS, and other technologies, and is a Web based solution.  We then framed the Web application portion into the iPhone and Android framework, and enabled on the Ammon Carver website as well as the application the ability to schedule, change, and cancel appointments.  To that end we also enabled a custom online store with custom features, and automatic delivery options through the vendor Ammon Carver was using.  Additional features include:

  • Registering for a new account,
  • Putting their credit card on file
  • Pay for services from the app
  • One Touch Calling
  • One Touch Directions
  • Social Sharing
  • Studio Events Schedule
  • Instagram Gallery
  • Youtube Channel
  • Photo Submission
  • Analytics for iOS and Android applications for downloads, feature usage, and more.
  • Push Notifications, with Geofencing, scheduling, and advanced linking features.


To date several hundred of both the Android application and iPhone applications have been downloaded for use.  Ammon Carver Studio's clients routinely use the app to schedule appointments with their favorite stylist.  By being mobile, Ammon has empowered them with convenience on the go, while growing his business and revenue.

Ammon Carver Studio currently uses their push notification feature to let their customers know about unique studio opportunities, as well as events.

The Future

In Q4 2015 Ammon Carver code will be updated and republished as well as adding multiple loyalty programs to reward his clients for being great customers and friends of the studio.